Tuesday, October 21, 2008

---> Visa stuff!!!

On Monday, I was heading out home to my Speech and Drama exam with Mum and I spotted a brown A4 envelope in the mailbox with the AFS logo on it! So for the next hour I forgot about it but when we came back home again I made Mum stop on the driveway so I could get the mail. While she went into the house to get the stuff for the bank (to get the deposit to send to AFS) I tore open the envelope. At first I thought they sent the same stuff again because the folder was the same, but I opened it up and it had a ton of paper - brochure "AFS Chile Welcomes You", a Passport to Healthy Travel, Chile Bulletin, um... a sheet of paper on AIDS, travel stuff, and VISA STUFF. And Mum has already booked two appoitments - one for the medical check and one for the Notary Public which Mum, Dad and I have to visit on Tuesday.

But, more importantly still.  .  .

26 February (Thursday). Depart Auckland Airport at 1725 (5.25pm) and arrive Santiago Airport at 1245 (12.45am) I'm guessing in Chile time.

I was so stunned I actually knew when I was going . . . School starts for the year around the 2nd February, so I might go back to school for a bit or work. 

Four months left. That's like a 3rd of the time I am in Chile, so I don't want it to go too fast because I don't want my year overseas to whizz by.

That's all for now.
Nobody  actually knows about this blog I think, so if you're reading this you're probably a) a creepy stalker or b) reading all my entries because I've told you I have a blog or c) a hopeful exchange student.

If you're 'a)' you can buzz off. Please.

But for everyone else - Thanks for reading this!

Here's a pic of all the stuff.
I try to put pics in my blogs, as unexciting as my entries are at the moment.

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Gabinka said...

Hi, Ive no idea if you go on writing on here, but Im c). :D
Ive been an exchange student with AFS Chile, going to Czech Republic. Im from La Serena, I came to ur blogg by casuality, because I was searching for a comitee on my region. Our last comitee unfortunately splitted off.. so now we have to get organized again.
I hope you had a nice year in Chile, I couldnt meet you, but if there exist a next time, would be nice to see you :)
BTW: Its always fun to read exchange student's blog. Mine is:
is in spanish :P

Many greetings from another AFSer :D