Monday, October 6, 2008

---> Travel vaccines

I've just returned from the medical centre with a very sore arm because I have had two injections. Yup, I've just had my travel vaccines done! 
^My vaccinated arm^
Because I'm going to Chile, I needed these vaccines:
I had two injections, one was HepA and Typhoid, the other was HepB. I was immunised against HepB as a baby but the blood test I had last week showed immunity had worn off.

I have to visit the doctor's again in a month to see if I need a booster for HepB.

If you are traveling, it is important to book and appointment as soon as possible, because in the case of one of the Hepatitus shots (shots=vaccines), you are supposed to have two done, 6 months apart, for full immunity . . . and since I am leaving in 4 1/2 months, I left it a bit late. Luckily what I have now will protect me. Mum is a doctor so therefore I am a strong believer in vaccinations. I have had all the shots that are possible to get courtesy of the government (in NZ there is a free childhood vaccination scheme). By far the most painful were the three Menz B shots that everyone had a few years ago. I could barely lift my arm after them! But I would rather have a painful arm than catch any of the diseases.

And right now my arm IS a tad sore. The nurse said not to go for a run - I was actually planning to but oh well. If I do, then it will speed up my metabolism and cause the side-effects to be amplified. Which I don't want!

I'll say this again, that it is very important to see a doctor as soon as you know where you are going, for a travel appointment. Doctors don't like it when people book in at the last minute, and you might not get all the coverage you need. Blood tests and vaccines also cost money, so be prepared to pay. But I'd rather pay for a vaccine than suffer from illness while on exchange!

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kendrasitalianlife said...

Bleh.. yeah i hate shots but they are nessasarry.. hope your arm is better.. your going to have sooo much fun in chile.. and its less then 5 months now YAY