Wednesday, November 19, 2008

---> AFS chapter meeting

It's been a while!

The weekend before last I had another AFS chapter meeting. It consisted of the four inbounds talking about their countries.
We had:

The talks were all very interesting, but the best part of the meeting is, as usual, THE FOOD!
That weekend I had the Spanish inbound stay at my house because she lives out of town and needed to get to the meeting. We made chocolate brownies-YUM!
After the meeting I talked with the Italy outbound
We have outbounds heading for:
Chile - me!
France (methinks)

School has finished now. It was kind of weird the last day at school - my two best friends didn't come, and I had Concert Band rehersal at lunchtime (it was good to see the Concert Band again, as we are from my school and the boy's high school). During the prizegiving, the Head Girl gave an excellent speech. She started crying though, and lots of the Year 13's were crying as well. It must be hard, leaving a school you have spent five years at.

I've looked back at this year, and discovered that I've probably changed the most. Many of my values have changed, as has my personality, my goals, and my hair.
Last year I was what you might call a 'hard-out' at school - I always strived to be the top. I had my group of friends, we had the occasional spat and I didn't have much of a social life.
But this year, I have changed groups of friends, I have about 13 friends, 11 of which I spend lunchtimes with, and my best friends who are in my old group of friends. I have my class friends, I'm a lot less hard-out, I've got no braces, I'm happy with myself, I seriously look back at how far I've come and how much I've changed. Some of the changes are more subtle, and I definitely learn from my mistakes.
And truth be told, I'm positive I'll change even more next year, on exchange! It's hard saying goodbye to everything here, all the people I won't see again, but I'll do it, and that's life. I have regretted things I've done, oppurtunities I've missed, but I realise there's you can't change your past, but the future is in your hands.

I wonder what the future will bring . . .

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