Monday, March 23, 2009

---> The weekend!

I always look forward to weekends. Two days to sleep in and relax, and without the pressure of school.

Unfortunately this weekend was different. 

I had to go to school!

Luckily it was from 8am - 12.50pm, no later. But school on a Saturday . . . well having a two day weekend seems to have become a luxury. The reason my school had to attend classes on Saturday is to make up for the days we'll have off later in the year - 4 terms with 2 week holidays between, another NZ luxury!

But luckily after something not-so-nice came something good - an AFS Copiapó welcome. The first time I had seen the other exchangers in a few weeks. We had to stand up in front of everyone (host families, returnees, and the AFS people) and introduce ourselves. Which would have been easy for me, had it been in English. As soon as I have to talk in front of a group of people in Spanish, my Spanish goes out the window. So I managed to utter 'Hola, soy Anita. Tengo 16 años y soy de Nueva Zealandia. Me encanta Chile y mi familia aquí todo.' Which translates to Hello, I am Anita. I am 16 and from New Zealand. I love Chile and my family here.... um..... That's all. (What I meant by 'that's all' was that's all I can think of, not that's all I love here!)
Me, Fabian, Ananda and Connor

After the introductions was a chance to eat some delicious food, and talk with the other exchangers. One of the returnees spent a year in South Auckland, and it was good to talk to someone who understood all the Kiwi slang!

On Sunday afternoon, I went with my host dad and sisters to Paipote, a small village on the outskirts of Copiapó. There is a giant sand dune there (well, a bit bigger than Back Beach) and we climbed it - no steps! -  an a bit further to get a view of some of Copiapó and take some photos. 

Sisters and I on sand dune

Me on sand dune

The weekend after this up and coming weekend is an orientation in Santiago for us exchangers. Looking forward to it heaps!

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Marta said...

Hey Anita!! Qué tal? Espero que ya se te haya pasado el dolor de cabeza de escuchar español!
Wow, it's so great to hear (read)from you! I'm glad your exchange has been good so far! I didn't know you had a blog, so I read it all now! Your classmates look really nice, have you taken up any activities? Have you put on weight? (this kind of things happen :( ). I see Chile is quite similar to Spain, we are touchy and responsible drinkers as well :)
As you know, I'm already back in Spain. Well, I've been here for 3 months now and at the beginning it was like starting a new exchange again, but now, everything came back to as it was before, studying and going out, mostly. Don't you think Chilean lifestyle is really different to kiwi lifestyle?
Well, I'd better go, I'll keep reading your blog!
Un beso!

Marta (Spain)