Sunday, March 15, 2009

---> My first party in Chile

Last night I went with my host sister (the one who's the same age as me) to my first Chilean party.

It was the birthday of one of her friends, and as they all go to a different school than me, I knew absolutely no-one, but luckily I'm getting used to that!

I arrived at 10pm (it's normal to be late), and was introduced, talked with the other girls there, learnt how to play Blackjack, with caramel popcorn as chips (as in, betting chips), talked about music with the girls there. 

The music playing was a style called Cumbia, which everyone says is good to dance to. Well, it might be good to dance to, but me, dance? Something I hadn't done in about 3 years . . . But when a guy offered to teach me I decided to give it a go (no, Mum and Dad, this does not mean anything!) It was quite fun and we got into a conga line around the pool. 

One cultural difference I noted was that it's normal to be huggy/touchy with the opposite gender, even if it's just friends. One of the girls I was talking to was lying on a deck chair with her guy friend, then when he left she held the hand of another guy, and there's nothing wrong with that. In NZ it might be considered cheating on your boyfriend, but it's just a friends thing, and it's perfectly acceptable and normal.

There was alcohol and smoking there, but I had neither, but the drinking was responsible drinking, no binging, which would have made me uncomfortable. Everyone had a good time that they will be able to remember!

Some people went for a swim/got thrown into the pool. I tried a cute little mini ice cream, like a Trumpet, but much smaller and the cone was chocolate. We took some photos (not with my camera, I didn't bring it).

It was a good night, and my first 'carrete' in Chile!

Now I have to attempt to do my homework!


claire said...

Hi Anita, this is Mum. I am glad that you danced - would be more worried if you didn't!

Darcy said...

Aaaahh Anita! Reading your posts just makes me so excited :) I love your blog.

Natalie said...

Anita!! W-O-W Your blog is amazing :) sounds like you are having a fab time. You have nearly been there a month :O How time flies.