Thursday, March 19, 2009

---> A birthday!

On Tuesday it was the 14th birthday of one of my host sisters. 

In the morning I gave her a hug, as did every other member of the family except for my host dad as he works in the mines from Sunday night to Thursday night.

After school we had to walk to the centre of town to buy our tracksuits for PE (yes, we were winter tracksuits here in the desert, for PE!)

But upon returning, the house had been decorated with balloons, a Feliz Cumpleaños banner, the table had been set, and all we had to do was wait for our cousin (who is a student at the university here) to turn up.

Then we ate! Pizza, lollies and cake. My host sister opened her gifts, and it was a very jolly occasion.

All of the kids at the table - Host sister, host sister's boyfriend, host brother's girlfriend, host brother, me, host cousin and the birthday girl

The birthday girl!

And for another little story, I thought I would tell you about some language mistakes I have made while here in Chile. 
Firstly, I was at a mall place with my host sisters (on Tuesday), and there was a poster (luckily, there weren't many people around). I thought I'd read the poster aloud. Couldn't understand any of it, but just to practice speaking. So I read it, and in a loud voice as there weren't that many people. The word I said loudest was 'Pap'. Quite a bit louder than the other words.
As we were walking away, I asked my sisters what 'Pap' meant. Turns out it means the same in Spanish as it does in English. It was a poster for Pap Smears.

The other language mistake I made involved me explaining to my host brother, in Spanish, what backstabbing was. I was doing quite a bit of miming to explain myself, and standing in a position that a pirate with a sword might adopt, to mime out someone with a knife, I said 'It's like when someone comes up behind you and stabs you back . . ." and I got the word for knife mixed up with the word for ... "SPOON!"


Kelly said...

I always remember "cuchillo" because the L's are tall and straight like knives.

BTW thank you for this blog! I thin I have decided to list Chile as my first choice on my AFS application!

Anita said...

that's a good way to remember it!

Thanks! :) when will you be going to chile? next year or in july?

Kelly said...

Neither, actually. I'm applying for a summer departure in 2010. So that's after I finish this (northern hemisphere) school year and one more full year. I'm a bit ahead of the game because I am so excited! I still have four months until I can even apply!