Sunday, August 29, 2010

Los 33

It's beenall over the news now, that a group of 33 miners frmo the mine San Jose are trapped in an underground shaft, 700m below surface. Funnily enough, this is where I lived last year. (Not in the mine, but in Copiapo.)
They have now been trapped for nearly three weeks, underground, without sunlight. Mining experts expect that they will be there until Christmas.
My host dad, who is a safety officer at an American-owned mine, was called in to be a temporary safety officer for two weeks, because the previous one left in disgrace.
As you can image, for this to happen the conditions would have had to have been pretty bad. It's true; I have visited Chilean owned mines and my host dad's mine and they are completely difference. My heart goes out to all the workers who spend a day underground in dangerous circumstances, day in, day out, get paid very little and stay in rickety lodgings. Most of all, often they are the only source of income for their family, and now that 33 miners are trapped, there will be 33 families going without, especially since the mining company is now going under.
Let's hope for a soon and safe rescue of 'Los 33', whose only way to communicate with those above ground is thruogh a 15cm tube.
Fuerza mineros!

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