Saturday, February 27, 2010


As lots will probably know by know, there has been a massive 8.8 ricter scale earthquake in Chile, in the Bio Bio region. It shook almost all of Chile, the power and water in Copiapo was cut and they felt it strongly, almost 1000km north.

When it happened, the AFS Santiago Orientation was taking place, the one I attended a year ago. My hearts go out to all the worried families, but a recent message from AFS Chile says that all students are safe and well.

Several Chilean seaside towns have disapeard under the sea due to the surge of water. Friends have been affected.

Host families of some of my exchange friends have had their homes destroyed. As well as over 1.5 milllion other people. It was in one the most populated region of Chile.

I've spoken to other exchange students, we all feel so helpless. My heart go out to everyone affected. I want to do something. It's awful. Think of them, pray for them, do whatever you can.

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hi anita - yes - i am still looking at your blog! Mum XXX