Thursday, August 13, 2009

---> how long have you been 17 for? . . . a while . . . (10 days)

Sorry for the Twilight quote. I'd been waiting until I could honestly say that. Not that I'm a fan (or fan club, as one of my friends says here).

My actual birthday was Sunday the 2nd. That day I was jumped on in my bed by my host sister with whom I share a room. My other host sister came into my room and wished me happy birthday too. I went downstairs and there was surprisinlgy nobody home . . . so I made myself a cup of coffee and some cereal with yogurt and ate that.

Later arrived my host dad, from playing tennis with the neighbour, then my host sis and mum from the supermarket, and we got to work setting the table for brunch. I didn't have to do anything to help they told me, but I had already started peeling (yes, peeling, why cut in half when you can peel?) and avocado, which is strangely satisfying and I was happy doing. Then I mashed it up which yeah, again strangely satisfying.

We put everything on the table and the neighbours arrived, Tío Oscar, Tía Marina and Ignacio (they're not really aunt and uncle, but it's polite to call them that). The brunch was huge, lots of fresh bread, avocado, salami, ham, cheese, apple cake, and not to mention birthday cake! I swear in Chile I have eaten desert for breakfast far too many times. It was a very jolly breakfast that's for sure. 
I'm 17 in this picture!

Then on Friday I had some friends around for a little party. We were fewer than I expected but it was a good party all the same. We ate completos. (Completo = hot dog with avocado and tomato and mayonaise), chips, watched the start of Transformers 2 and I taught everyone how to play the Chocolate Game (when you have to roll a six with a dice, put on silly clothes and use a knife and a fork to eat chocolate).
Andrea and I eating completos

The bar of chocolate ran out way too fast and we all still wanted to play but everyone changed their mind when the only food item we had to play with was the frankfurters from the completos!
Playing the Chocolate Game
Amigas para siempre!

So that all went pretty well.

I am more than halfway through my exchange and like I have been told so many times, the 2nd half is the better half and so far it's proving to be very very true. Having a better grasp on the language makes such a difference, and I am far more independant now. I can go out after school as long as I'm in some kind of transport (micro or colectivo) by 8pm. Going to the post office does no longer make me nervous. Friends really feel like friends. 

And not to mention I have been really busy lately. Last week, every single day of the week I was doing something. Which makes time go by a lot faster!

I have also started a drama class, something I have been wanting to do for a while. I was the second youngest person there though, everyone else aside from me and my host sister were adults! 

So that's enough for now. Thanks to everyone who's reading this blog, and I'd like to copy The Edge a bit and give a huge shout out to Natalie, Simon and Grandfather, who all have had their birthdays recently. Happy Birthday!


claire said...

speaking of chocolate - Cadbury has decided to backtack on its recent decision to substitute palm oil for cocoa butter, due to huge public outcry. Lots of chocolate lovers- including dad (I never realised he cared about the environment), boycotted Cadbury, and bought Whittakers instead.
As you probably know , palm plantations lead to deforestation and further displace many endangered species.
(now you will be reading labels!)

Anita said...

dad told me this! I hope they get fair trade chocolate too... we should all be boycotting for that! dad boycoting cadbury? I actually think whittakers is up there. chilean choc isnt to great but Orly white choc with rasperry yogurt centre is really really good!