Thursday, August 6, 2009

---> Bay bay Conors

(Bye bye Connor)

Last week my friend Connor, here for only a semester, returned to the United States. We had an AFS meeting to farwell him, which alongside with yummy food also included dancing of Chile's traditional dance, the Cueca. Two (Chilean) students danced first for us, then the boy came up to me and the girl up to Fabian and we were forced to dance... or try to dance, as I still yet have to a) learn how to dance the Cueca and b) actually dance well! So basically I was standing there waving a paper napkin and smiling while everyone was laughing, but all of us students had to do it so it wasn't so bad.

Obviously pro at the Cueca

Then the next day I went with my host brother to the bus terminal where all of Connor's friends had gathered to farwell him. It was surreal, to think that this would be me before I knew it. 

AFS had given him a hoodie and also his class, with the classes names embroidered in the back. When the bus left everyone chased it as far as they could go. Tears were shed.

Bus terminal

Along with Connor, who lived in CopiapĆ³, a lot of my other friends for semesters also left, mainly from the USA and Austria. Aside from a few, I think they all would have liked to stay for a year. 

But a few days later, arrived the new students. Here now in my city are two girls, one from Finland and one from Italy. On Wednesday, Fabian, Ananda and I met with them in town to show them around town, talk about Chile things and eat Completos. We all got along really well and hopefully will be making a tradition of our Wednesday meet-ups.

Sorry this is a short post, but I've been really busy lately. I have a lot to update but it will be sometime in the weekend hopefully.

Connor, Ananda, me and Fabian, at the AFS farewell for Connor. Now we're three girls and one boy in CopiapĆ³.

Thanks to everyone who's been reading this and commenting/emailing me about this! It makes my blog worth writing. If there's anything particular anyone would like to know, do tell me and I will include it. 

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