Wednesday, February 4, 2009

---> Well, I've been thinking about the future

To add a bit of creativity to my bland blog, I've decided that the title of each blog is going to be a line from a song. I'm not going to say which song though. Just to be cool. And the song I'm listening to is not the same song as the title.
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The last post I wrote, I had a host family. 
Well, I've been emailing them a fair bit. The first email I sent was really awkward and I wrote it in Spanish and English, because after 2 months of no Spanish I wasn't sure I could trust it!

The very next day I got a reply, from my host sister (16yrs) and it was really nice, expecially the PS, which said 'my mom said to tell your mom not to worry because I'm going to take care of her'. I read that and it made my day.
Now, not only did Ade email me, but so did Valeria and Pablo, my 13yr old sister and 18yr old brother. They both sounded really nice and now I emailed Valeria and Ade about every second day (they're on holiday at the moment, and are emailing me! It's wicked!) Ade and I do similar sorts of things (go to movies, etc) with our friends, and Valeria is younger and really likes Japan.

Now I'd had my family for just over a week when I got a packed from AFS about them, complete with photos! They look so fun! I really can't wait to meet them. I wasn't expecting to get a family so soon, and I'm so happy. I also found out I'm going to Liceo Músico de Copiapó. A MUSIC school!! That's SOOO me. Surrounded by musos 5 days a week - beats Concert Band once every week for half an hour. The only issue now is whether I bring my flute or not . . .

Since the school year has only just started, there's no point in me going to school for 15 days, so currently I stay at home with nothing to do. And by 'nothing' I mean watch The OC, go on Facebook and Cultures-Shocked, email, and the occasional cooking. Incredibly lame. And at night I like to go for a bike ride.
Luckily for me, that is only during the week! I'm having friends around on Friday night and then on Saturday night I'm going to see Gran Torino with another friend. And I'm planning on going into school to see everyone next week and give out my farewell party invites, so I'm not some kind of antisocial moth.

I mentioned Facebook before. Facebook is like, perfection. I've 'talked' to some of the other exchangers to Chile and it will be a great way to keep in touch. 

22 sleeps! 

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Rosemary Ventura said...

Hey! My name is Rosemary Ventura and in 6 weeks im heading off to Chile with AFS (from the U, for 6 months). Needless to say, im going crazy waiting, so my friend who is going to chile the semester after i come home sent me the link to your blog. So i think i qualify as reader type C, possibley A also since it is a tad creepy that im reading practically your lifestory. ANYWAY, im just wondering if you have any wonderful useful advice to pass on to me.
my email is or im on Facebook. Any tips would be wonderful (like im wondering whether i should bring my cell phone?).