Wednesday, February 18, 2009

---> One week to go!

Listening to: Don't Trust Me  - 3OH!3

In exactly one week (right down to the minutes!) I'll be landing at Auckland Airport, meeting my AFS volunteer and the 4 other future Chileans.

Being a very 'last minute' person however, I have yet to buy things that I'll need, such as a memory stick, host family presents. My credit card hasn't arrived yet and I have my visa, except that when the courier delivered it, I didn't hear him knock so I had to wait for tomorrow to recieve it. 

There's so much left to do, at the moment I'm planning my farewell party on Saturday, which I have been planning for about 4 months, but only just started to plan in reality . . . trust . . . 

I haven't heard from my host family in about a week. I'm not too worried though, but it would be good to flick off an email before I go. 

If you're reading this blog, it would be simply spiffing if you could leave me a comment! I hope I'm not writing this just for myself.

I'm attempting to attach a photo, the file size was reduced so hopefully it won't come out a ridiculous size. (The photo is of me and my brother in a boat in the holidays, about to go parasailing.)

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JeSsie May ☆ said...

hey chickie! i just read your blog and im going to be reaqding them every now and then when i get the chance. did you know you can put up a comment box on your actual page? so people can just drop a comment and say hi. ill try remember how to do it if you do want one. just let me know yeh. x