Friday, September 11, 2009

---> Revolution

Out of the 7 exchange students here in Copiapò, I am the only one by myself at school (eg, without another exchanger) and also, in a public school. It was a bit strange at first to get used to taking toilet paper to chool, as although we have school toilets, and toilet paper rolls, there is no toilet paper. Rarely there is soap, and quite a few of the toilets don´t flush. However, now I a happy to say that for the first time in my history of being here, the toilets had toilet paper, liquid soap AND paper hand towels. It´s a revolution baby.

I was also told by the school inspector, that my school is probably the only public school in all of Copiapò to have toilet paper in the toilets, let alone soap and paper hand towels, and we could be the only public school in the whole of Chile to have that.

Some of the differences between my school here and my school in NZ are:
-firstly, it´s mixed and the kids start at primary
-little kids start doing tests right from the word go
-there´s no playground for the littlies and a tiny patch of grass that nobody walks on
-during the first break the school gives those who need it a breakfast of hot milk and bread
-the littlies wear an apron like coat over their uniform
-supposedly we´re not supposed to, but everyone wears noticable earrings
-chairs are uncomfortable and normally you stay seated at the same desk all day
-the gate shuts at 8am and if the inspectpor is nice he´ll let you in without taking down you`re name and class, if you arrive after 8am
-there are these dudes called inspectors that make sure everyone behaves well, and usher everyne into the classes when the bells go. but most of them are really cool
-my school has a dining room and microwaves to heat lunch!
-after lunch you brush your teeth
-and after PE, you shower and wash your hair (that´s when we actually do something in PE)
-there are school dogs
-the palm tree is the best place to sit and the 30 cent ice blocks are the best
-and th 45 cent packs of alfajors... yum yum!
-everyone in the class is friends
-and because of that generally not much work gets done . . .

That`s all I can think of for you. Been busy lately, going out, watching a television series wth my sister and just general things, I love it like this.

Chau for now!


hayley said...

or should i say.. papel higiénico! ah the joys of google translate. that is how you say it isn't it?
its gonna be so wierd when you get back.. so many things to get used to having and not having all over again. not having to worry whether the toilet will flush after you do your business for one. but no need to worry on the microwave front at least! god bless the yr 13 study..

hayley said...

hey it cut out half my comment!! is there a limit on how much i can write? stingy.. in any case, the first bit of my comment was "hallelujah, its a miracle!! toilet paper, at last!" haha maybe now my comment makes a little bit more sense.

Anita said...

hahahahah i know!!!! it IS a revolution!